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Belfast BabyDay – Volunteers

September 27th 2015, Replay Theatre Company is embarking upon its biggest adventure yet: creating the world’s first BabyDay in Belfast – a day of celebration, connection and inspiration with lots of different organisations creating imaginative experiences for babies on that day. But Babyday is more than a fun day out – it’s also about hope, about the wonder of seeing the world through a child’s eyes and about the city (and the world) that we want our tiniest citizens to grow up in and be part of.

This success will only be possible with the support and involvement of many extraordinary volunteers who share the BabyDay philosophy of inspiring hope, celebration, connection and inspiration. There will be many opportunities on BabyDay itself as well as several in the run-up to the big day. They are looking for people who will happily engage with the public, providing a safe, family-friendly atmosphere and generally helping to make the World’s First BabyDay the best it can be.

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