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The Belfast Ensemble presents The Doppler Effect

Matthew Cavan, Associate Director, fills us in on The Belfast Ensemble’s latest work ‘The Doppler Effect’. 

‘The Belfast Ensemble is an emerging collective of internationally established, award winning Belfast-based artists. Our purpose is the eventual founding of a permanent performance ensemble.

A year ago I was a drag artist feeling creatively stumped, when I ran into Conor Mitchell (Artistic Director, The Belfast Ensemble) on Hill Street in Belfast on a cold and wet September afternoon. He started telling me about his new venture ’The Belfast Ensemble’  and during this conversation he told me about a song cycle that he and the world renowned playwright Mark Ravenhill had created called ’Ten Plagues’. He wanted me to work with the Ensemble to develop the Irish Premiere.

I got the score and album and we set up a meeting over coffee to discuss the piece, it was so exciting! Conor told me about the Ensemble’s first production ’The Hapsburg Tragedies’ which involved three amazing female actors and seven world class musicians portraying their version of stories of Catherine of Aragon, Juana the Mad and her daughter Catalina. They needed an Associate Director and Conor decided to give me this fantastic opportunity.

Working with the Ensemble is one of the most humbling and creative experiences I’ve ever had: The actor is as important as the musician who is as important as the director. We aim to create work that our City should be very proud of, and with a view to taking it to Europe to represent Northern Ireland on a bigger stage. The wealth of experience I have gained in the past year has been life changing!

Last weekend we premiered our new piece ’The Doppler Effect’ in the Lyric Theatre’s Naughton Studio. Two actors, four musicians and a mind blowing set, visual art and lights: theatre and art installation rolled into one: A magical assault on the senses!

Coming up next we have ‘Ten Plagues’ which will be taking place on the Lyric Theatre’s Dankse Bank Stage on Sunday 12th November as part of the Outburst Queer Arts Festival.

The Belfast Ensemble is here to stay! The city is our stage and the world is our inspiration.’