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Congratulations to Dominic Montague – who is heading to Divadlo Archa on a TheatreNI Bursary

Due to extenuating circumstances one of our original recipients of the TheatreNI bursaries to attend Divadlo Archa Summer School for Theatre in Social Context, in Prague between 25th of August- 7th September, was unable to attend. We were able to offer this place to our members and we are delighted that Dominic Montague has been chosen by Divadlo Archa, to attend the summer school. Huge congratulations to both Dominic and our other successful recipient, Fionnuala Kennedy, who will be heading to Prague for 2 intensive weeks of training this summer! We look forward to hearing about it upon their return!

These bursaries are funded by Belfast City Council and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

We asked Dominic what this bursary meant to him:

‘I’m thrilled to have the chance to take part in the Divadlo Archa Summer School for Theatre in Social Context. As an artist I believe that nothing happens in a vacuum. Art, and theatre specifically, is informed and moulded by the environment in which it exists. It’s reflective of a time and place.

But it can be more than that. It can be an opportunity to speak out against out dated regimes. It can be a way to explore and explode handed down attitudes that still prescribe degrees of personhood to others based on their difference. It can be an affirmation of the fact that we, as individuals and as a society, are more than just the sum of our parts.

I look forward to learning, expanding and developing how I see theatre in social context through the experience of participating in the Divadlo Archa scheme and meeting theatre makers from across Europe. I look forward not only to this but to being able to bring that learning back to NI to inform the work I make here.’