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Creative Europe funding following the UK leaving the EU

As guaranteed by the Withdrawal Agreement, UK organisations can continue to apply for Creative Europe funding opportunities until the current programme ends in December 2020.

UK organisations remain fully eligible for Creative Europe funding opportunities until 31 December 2020, and when selected will receive funding for the entire duration of their projects, even if these run beyond 2020. This also applies to projects currently in progress.

Participation in the new Creative Europe programme (2021-2027) is open to non-EU countries, and the UK’s particpation will be decided in negotiations on the future relationship with the EU. Please do keep talking about how the current Creative Europe programme has benefited your organisations. Creative Europe have reflected this within theirĀ Impact Report, which shows how Creative Europe is about so much more than funding.

Creative Europe’s advice for UK lead and partner organisations, and other European partners, is to continue applications for the forthcoming Creative Europe calls. Creative Europe Desk UK can provide guidance and support, so get in touch and follow them on Twitter for updates.