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Education Authority Information: Licensing and Chaperones for Youth Theatre

Do you work with children and young people, of compulsory school age in theatre and the performing arts? Through this work, do your children and young people take part in performances in front of an audience (free or ticketed)? If so – it is likely that you should be making applications to the Education Authority to obtain licenses for each child taking part or applying for exemptions from the requirement to have licences. Parents should also abide by the regulations regarding the number of performances a young person can take part in across a 12 month period, making you aware particularly of those performances in the last 6 months. You are also responsible for ensuring your events are properly chaperoned by EANI registered chaperones.

It has come to our attention that many organisations are unaware of this legislation or uncertain how to apply it to their own work.

TheatreNI is working in partnership with Sarah Farrell of the Education Authority to ensure we help our members to meet all legal requirements when it comes to the safeguarding of the young people they work with. These laws exist to protect both the young people and the organisations that work with young people.  Sarah has provided the following simplified explanation of the licensing process. We will also be running a training session in April to clarify the licensing and chaperone procedures, and to allow members to ask questions.


To download the template click here: Explanation of application process for Performance Licences

To preliminarily register for the training email projects@theatreni.org