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FringeLAB Artist Support

FringeLAB, as part of Dublin Fringe Festival, provides year-round practical and artistic support, responding to the needs of both developing and established artists, technicians, producers and practitioners. FringeLAB is both a space and a platform of activities for training and learning.

FringeLAB was used by over 200 companies for 6000+ hours in the last year. Fringe is devoted to cultivating connections and expertise, so artists also access in-house expertise: from marketing to producing and everything in between!

As well as organising networking events and scratch evenings, there are two dance studios, an office space, a hot desk and a foyer that can all be booked for free for any of your artistic needs.

FringeLAB is part-funded by the Arts Council’s Theatre Resource Sharing Initiative and Dublin City Council’s Arts Office.

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