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Guidance Session with Education Authority

If your artistic endeavour or production includes young paid or unpaid performers from babies to young people of compulsory school age then it is important that you comply with the relevant legislation.  If this applies to you we would like to support you by inviting you to a Guidance Session.  Details of this session are below –

Date:                     Wednesday 01 April 2020

Time:                     17:00 – 19:00

Location:              Education Authority, 40 Academy Street, Belfast, BT1 2NQ

The guidance session is aimed at those involved with working with children and young people in productions in NI and the licencing arrangements around that.

The aims and objectives of the session are as follows –

  • Provide an overview of child performance legislation;
  • Why the legislation exists;
  • When a licence is required;
  • Who needs to apply;
  • The roles and responsibilities of the licence applicant;
  • To understand the role of the applicant in relation to their duties in Safeguarding;
  • The benefits the legislation brings to everyone.

If you wish to attend please email ceet@eani.org.uk by 25 March 2020.