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Jerwood Bursaries

Jerwood Bursaries provide funding of up to £1,250 to expand and invigorate your artistic practice, enabling you to experiment with new ideas and undertake self-defined professional development activity. They want you to have the opportunity to begin research on fresh ideas and pursue new skills and approaches independently, on your own terms. This might include exploring new materials or collaborations, specialist mentoring, or participation in professional training, conferences and workshops.

You are likely to have done some existing research into your idea, but it should not have had significant investment of time or money. A Jerwood Bursary should be used to shift your thinking and move your career forward. We want you to suggest activities that will help you to learn and take control of the development of your artistic practice and upcoming projects.

They recognise that opportunities for artists to get early ideas off the ground, without the pressure to produce new works or find match funding, are few and far between. They also know that contained and properly supported opportunities to try new things can be vital to a sustainable artistic practice.

They particularly welcome applications for:

  • mentoring, coaching, critical feedback
  • professional and/or specialised training
  • taking part in conferences or workshops
  • networking and/or membership of artistic networks
  • learning specific skills and knowledge
  • undertaking first-stage research

You can apply for any amount between £250 and £1,250. For this fund, they expect to be the sole funder of the activity. They do not expect any other confirmed financial support and a Jerwood Bursary should not be used as match funding. However, you can show small in-kind contributions, for example, where you have been offered a space, or a mentor (who has a salary from another source) has agreed to give their time for free.

They expect all applicants to include a fee for themselves and fees can be up to 100% of the budget. In line with our commitments to fair pay, and to access and inclusion, applicants should not use their personal funds or donate their time for free towards the activity. The fund is deliberately small in scale, and they want you to carefully consider what you can achieve with the amount of funding they are offering. Realistically, they would not expect activity taking place within this fund to last more than ten days. The fund can cover the costs of travel within the UK, but not outside of the UK.

If required, extra financial support can be requested for access costs and/or to cover caring responsibilities. Please read Jerwood Bursaries FAQ for further information.

Due to the high level of competition for the Jerwood Bursaries, they will not fund anyone who has been working as an artist, curator or producer for less than a year and who has not had at least one piece of work professionally produced, presented, published or exhibited.

If you applied to the Jerwood Bursaries in 2019, you are encouraged to review this updated guidance before applying as we have made some changes in response to feedback.

Applications must be received by: 5pm, Monday 9 March 2020

Decisions will be communicated to applicants by: Friday 1 May 2020

If successful, your professional development activity can begin on or after Monday 11 May 2020 and they cannot support activity that has taken place before that date.

Applicant Criteria:

They welcome applications

  • from practising artists, curators and/or producers
  • from those willing to be bold and take risks
  • from those with between one and ten year’s professional experience
  • from those with and without formal education or qualifications
  • from those who have between one to ten years’ professional experience
  • if you work in any discipline and/or across disciplines
  • if your situation, background and/or identity is currently under-supported across the art sector, including but not limited to under-represented BAME backgrounds, LGBTQ+ identities, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, those with disabilities and those with caring responsibilities

 You cannot apply if you

  • are an organisation, or on behalf of an organisation
  • have no professional experience within the last year, and/or less than a year’s professional experience overall
  • are in, or want funding for, formal education courses, including tuition fees, living costs and associated materials
  • want funding to work or travel internationally
  • want project funding to make or present work

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