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Male Actors & Dancers Required for Swan Lake

Birmingham Royal Ballet is looking for extra actors and dancers to appear in the forthcoming performances of Swan Lake at the Grand Opera House, Belfast from 4-7 November 2015.

Fittings and rehearsals will take place on the morning/afternoon of Wednesday 4 November with one performance that evening, two performances on Thursday 5 November, an evening performance on Friday 6 November and two performances on Saturday 7 November.

Potential candidates should fit the following requirements:

Pages x 3 roles (Dancers)

Male; Playing age: 18-20; Height 5’5 – 5’7; Chest no larger than 34”; Waist no larger than 28”; Shoe size UK 8/9. Please note that the Pages costume consists of a tunic and tights; dance belts will be provided.

Monks x 2 roles (Actors)

Male; Playing age: 20-40; Height 5’8 – 6’; Chest no larger than 40”; Waist no larger than 34”.

Guards x 2 roles (Actors)

Male; Playing age: 20-40; Height 5’10 – 6’2; Chest no larger than 44”; Waist no larger than 36”; Shoe size UK 10.

If you are interested in applying for one of these roles, please send an email to info@goh.co.uk confirming your availability and interest, clearly stating which role you are interested in and detailing your experience.