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Opportunity for arts writers – British Council – International Bursaries for Bloggers

New – International Bursaries for Bloggers

The British Council is thrilled to offer a new opportunity for talented UK arts bloggers and writers to travel internationally.

We’re keen to share this opportunity widely and thought it would be of interest to your networks. We’ve left some information about the bursaries below including some suggested copy and images for your social media channels. If you have space on your newsletter for this opportunity please let us know the process, or if you need further information.

Bloggers have had a huge influence on UK performance, but opportunities for paid work or career development are few and far between. To address this, we’re piloting a programme awarding bursaries to three UK bloggers – enabling them to have an international experience, develop their skills and build connections outside the UK.

The winners will spend time in either Nigeria, Romania or a country of their choice, meeting new contacts and discovering the richness of cultural exchange. This opportunity also includes two hours of mentoring with a member of our judging panel, led by Lyn Gardner, and the chance to publish a piece of work about performance inspired by their travels.

We’re looking for emerging or mid-career arts bloggers, communicators or writers with at least two years’ experience. This experience could include self-publishing, writing for student publications or contributing to platforms for emerging writers. Applicants don’t necessarily need to have their own platforms. We’re keen to attract applicants from backgrounds under-represented in UK arts and media. This opportunity isn’t intended for established critics or those who regularly write for national publications.

Applicants can choose from the following bursary pathways:

  1. Discover a project.  Experience Lagos during Lagos Theatre Festival, one of the largest performing arts festivals in West Africa. The British Council will give lots of support to plan the winner’s itinerary and will provide someone to guide them around the local arts scene.
  2. Explore a country. Visit Romania and uncover its performance scene. The British Council will give advice to the winner to help them plan their trip.
  3. Follow your idea. Create your own international journey of discovery, designing your itinerary and budget, with some quick tips from the British Council for the winner.


You can find more information on the British Council website and the application guidelines

Closing deadline: Thursday 29 November 2018 at 12:00 midday (GMT)