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Participate in Fun Palaces

The Fun Palace was the 1960s dream of theatre director, Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price. A revolutionary venue, housing arts and sciences, encouraging participation and debate, celebrating ‘the genius in everyone’. Their vision was never built but last year, 40,000 participants and 130 groups across the UK and eight internationally joined in the first Fun Palaces weekend (4/5 October 2014), from the South Bank Centre, to a butcher’s shop in Kent, to events in libraries and forests, local cafes and public parks.

But Fun Palaces is more than just a weekend, it is a national and international campaign for culture at the heart of our communities. Its mission is to widen arts and science participation, to strengthen communities through empowering individuals and supporting local partnerships, and to change the way the arts and sciences are currently owned and created.

The organisers would love you to get involved – make a Fun Palace on 3/4 October 2015 at work, as part of your work, in your local school, in your street – it doesn’t matter. All they ask is that it’s free, it’s local and that you register on the Fun Palaces website. It can be the whole weekend, or a couple of hours – it can be anything you want it to be – ask your audiences, your community – and find ways to make a participatory event together that celebrates all of you.

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