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Spotlight on Theatre & Dance from Northern Ireland at Edinburgh Festivals

In partnership with the Arts Council and British Council Northern Ireland, TheatreNI organised a reception during the Edinburgh Fringe and International festivals in August to highlight and promote theatre and dance from Northern Ireland participating in the festivals – Kabosh (Green & Blue), Prime Cut (Hard to be Soft; A Belfast Prayer and Traverse Theatre/Lyric Theatre (Crocodile Fever).

Congratulations to all the teams involved in these productions on their huge success on this world platform for the performing arts. Among the many accolades and a testament to the standard of work coming from Northern Ireland, Green & Blue and Crocodile Fever were listed as The Stage’s top 18 best shows and ‘standout work’ of the Edinburgh Fringe while Hard to be Soft received outstanding reviews, including a five star review  from Anna Winter in The Guardian.

To put this in context, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest marketplace and performing arts festival in the world. In 2018, it was home to 56,796 performances of 3,648 shows which were seen by 1,402 arts industry professionals from 58 countries across the world.

The support for theatre and dance from Northern Ireland at the reception at The Balmoral Hotel was outstanding and we thank every one of those 72 people who came to help celebrate our sector and its talent. This event was a key opportunity for the Northern Irish arts organisations and artists to increase their visibility, meeting and networking with key stakeholders within the performing arts industries from across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Our thanks also to Noirín McKinney, Sonya Whitefield and Caoileann Curry Thompson at the Arts Council NI and Colette Norwood at British Council NI for this collaboration. Special thanks to Shona McCarthy, CEO, Edinburgh Fringe and her team members, particularly – Rachel, Helen, and Anne for their incredible support, knowledge, expertise and wisdom in helping to make this event happen. Additional thanks to Frances Maurer and staff at the Balmoral Hotel.