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Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme

The Arts Council of Ireland are inviting applications for proposals seeking funding in support of initiatives that are of high artistic quality and that generally have a strong audience focus. This scheme is designed to support the touring and dissemination of work in certain arts disciplines for tours starting between January 2021 and June 2021.

The Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme is open to applications from organisations and individuals. Applications which demonstrate collaboration / partnership between networks, consortia or other collective groupings of presenters are encouraged, particularly where these indicate a high degree of engagement with audiences and collaboration with the producing entity or artists.

Applicants in receipt of Strategic / Arts Centre / Partnership funding are ineligible for this round. Applicants in receipt of other Arts Council funding are eligible to apply, provided it is clear that the touring or dissemination activity for which funding is sought is additional to those activities for which Arts Council funding has already been offered.

Tours must begin between January 2021 and June 2021.

Closing date: 17:30, Thursday 30 April 2020
To apply click here.